Give You an Inch

Released: 2016
Label: None (independent)
Format: Single
Medium: Download Only

Show Me the Way

Released: 2014
Label: None (independent)
Format: LP
Medium: Audio compact disc
Packaging: Digipak
Catalog Number: 888295144933

Track Listing:

1. Doomsday Moon
2. See It to Believe It
3. Wave Goodbye
4. Sanctuary
5. Chains
6. Watercolor Winter
7. Dreamshield
8. Just a Matter of Time
9. Perfect Star


Released: 2008
Label: None (independent)
Format: LP
Medium: Audio compact disc
Packaging: Clear jewel case with 8-page color booklet
Catalog Number: DEX0804

Track Listing:

1. Say You’ll Save Me
2. Maho beach
3. Whistling in the Dark
4. Forever Kiss
5. In The City
6. Right Where I Want You
7. Rain Rain Come and Stay
8. See Right Through Me
9. Do You Really
10. When Push Comes To Shove (Final)

Divine Design

Released: October 3, 2003
Label: None (independent)
Format: LP
Medium: Audio compact disc
Packaging: Clear jewel case with 12-page color booklet
Catalog Number: DDD0308

Track Listing:

1. When Push Comes to Shove
2. Book of Love
3. High Reality
4. Center of It All
5. Welcome Home
6. Declaration
7. Factory
8. Based on a True Story
9. I Loved You
10. When Push Comes to Shove (Coliseum Mix)
11. Factory (Mechanical Heart Mix)
12. Declaration (Reprise)

Digital Exposure

Released: January 21, 2003 (copyright 2002)
Label: None (independent)
Format: EP (CD5)
Medium: Audio compact disc
Packaging: CD jacket
Catalog Number: DDE0212

Track Listing:

1. When Push Comes to Shove
2. Book of Love
3. Factory
4. Based on a True Story
5. When Push Comes to Shove (Coliseum Mix)

Compilation Appearances
State of Synthpop 2003

Released: September 8, 2003
Label: A Different Drum
Format: Compilation box set of various artists
Media: Five audio compact discs
Packaging: 5-disc jewel case with 24-page booklet
Catalog Number: ADDCD1155

Track Listing:

Disc 1

1. Wave in Head “Emotional Machines”
2. Echo Image “Standing Alone”
3. Ganymede “This Wasn’t the First Time”
4. Spray “I Kill with My Car”
5. Psyche “Sanctuary”
6. Eloquent “Moonlight over London”
7. The Azoic “Not Justified (Retrial Mix)”
8. Invisible College “Fuel”
9. Nebula-H “H”
10. No Comment “I Won’t Cry”
11. Faith Assembly “Crash and Burn”
12. E? “Colony Earth”
13. B! Machine “Victim”
14. Hungry Lucy “Her Song”
15. Sweep “Favorite Song”
16. Davidmahr “Century”
17. Raindancer “Theme”

Disc 2

1. Neuropa “Beyond Here and Now”
2. Axoe “Fallen”
3. Distorted Reality “Super Crash”
4. Intuition “Two”
5. Blue Audio “Break Me Down”
6. Regenerator “Shores of Forever”
7. Empire State Human “Little Alfie”
8. Somegirl “Defeatist”
9. Neuroactive “Wonders of the World”
10. Celluloide “Seven and Forever”
11. Droom “While We Can”
12. Tycho Brahe “Dislocation”
13. Nachzehrer “I Love Susan”
14. Carnival of Dreams “Dreidimensional”
15. Moon Rock “See a Lot”
16. Virtual Server “Why (Would I)?”
17. Symbion Project “El-Artikler”

Disc 3

1. Neikka RPM “Bound with Sympathy”
2. Hand Held Halo “I Feel”
3. Wideband Network “Orbit”
4. Dissonance “Control”
5. Monolithic “House of Joy”
6. Declaration “When Push Comes to Shove”
7. Backlash “Anodyne for the Weak”
8. Cosmicity “I Want You”
9. Xero/G “Remember”
10. Gabrauche-Musik “How Come?”
11. Syrian “No Atmosphere”
12. Gary Flanagan “Metro Boulot Dodo”
13. The Nine “Control”
14. Obsc(y)re “Forgive Me”
15. Control.org “Sacrifice”
16. Dynamic Masters “Streetwalking”
17. Liquefaction “They Can See You”

Disc 4

1. Atlantic Popes “That’s All”
2. System22 “Somewhere Nowhere”
3. Infam “Sea of Love”
4. Terminal Bliss “Stop the Rain”
5. Glow “Gabriel”
6. Aiboforcen “Twilight World”
7. Agency-X “Don’t Hold Your Breath”
8. New Clear Sky “Serenity”
9. Epsilon Minus “80’s Boy”
10. Leiahdorus “Indigent”
11. Macando “Living Life to the Max”
12. Seven Words “Understanding”
13. Alien#Six13 “Imagery of Ecstacy”
14. Madrid “Story of a Star”
15. Fiction 8 “Sacrifice”
16. Equatronic “Somewhere”
17. Simulator “Illusion”

Disc 5

1. Fr/action “Crime Pays”
2. Echoing Green “Fall Awake”
3. Freezepop “Freezepop Forever (Ionian Remix)”
4. Space March “Dorian Gray”
5. Diverje “On Skin”
6. Daybehavior “Devil in Me”
7. Provision “Illusion”
8. Glis “Resolution”
9. Intervox “One Is”
10. Moulin Noir “A New Frontier”
11. Nukleon “Lucky”
12. Null Device “The Sad Truth”
13. Implant “Gateway”
14. Blue October “Mistakes”
15. Voice Industrie “Sky (Trick Edit)”
16. Project Alphastyle “Make Me Survive”
17. Color Theory “Ponytail Girl”

Compilation Appearance
WXJL Presents Music for the Masses
Volume 2

Released: June, 2003
Label: Ninthwave Records
Format: Compilation of various artists
Medium: Audio compact disc
Packaging: Clear jewel case with 2-page insert
Catalog Number: NW10025-2

Track Listing:

1. Carol Masters “Connect (Comrade Kick Remix by Soviet)”
2. Eight to Infinity “Mistress Vinyl”
3. Scapesonik “Paralysed”
4. Pleasures Remain “Pretty Girls”
5. Xero/G “Lost Truth”
6. Bit Pixel “017845652 (Talking down a Wire)”
7. Declaration “When Push Comes to Shove”
8. Donnie Ozone “Exercise Bike”
9. The Mystic Underground “Mary’s Dead”
10. User on the Grid “Suture”
11. Blue Ribbon “Radar”
12. Dyed Emotions “Frequency”
14. Velvet Vimoz “Boy”
15. Cliffwalk “Plastic Basket”

demoCoverWall125Radio Promos

What about Declaration’s First Radio Hits?

In the 1990’s, Declaration’s “Watercolor Winter” and “Just a Matter of Time” received significant radio play across southern Europe, often at the top of the request list. A negotiated record deal, which was to involve a press conference and release party in Italy, fell through before the first single could be released.

We would love to hear from those of you who took part in and enjoyed Declaration’s success in Europe!